Madix Gondola Shelving

Madix Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving is extremely beneficial for making a visually attractive retail region although maximizing your space. The five inch higher foot is made for ease of installation and structural integrity with levelers for use on all types of floors. The high density hardboard back panels match flush with the front of the upright and are accessible in two colors (in stock in Sahara and Black). Madix Gondolas and wall units are stocked in 3-ft and 4-ft lengths, 54-in and 72-in heights, with base decks from 12-in, 16-in, and 18-in depths. Installation and assembly of Madix Gondolas or Wall Shelving in your store is simple. For assembly guidelines, Click Here.

Mannequins - An apparel retailer would be nothing without a mannequin to display its best promoting items and new arrivals. check gondola shelving system . It is the best way of displaying a clothes item as properly as accessories for it lets the client roughly visualize how it would appear on him/her prior to truly attempting it on. Delivered mostly in 4-foot wide sections, 2' and 3' sections are offered as well, in order to obtain the appropriate linear run.

One particular of the downsides of gondola shelving is that it normally is made of supplies, such metal, tough plastic and Masonite, that are not as aesthetically pleasing as wood, particularly in a residential setting. Thus, these units are far more typically observed in people's garages than inside the home. For interior spaces, the look of wood bookcases or shelving that is custom-produced to match the supermaket design and style of the room typically is preferred.

Shop Supplies has a large range of gondola shelving units to cater to all of your retail display needs. We carry units in varying heights and widths, so fitting these to your store is simple and straightforward. We also carry double sided units, corner units and units with lockable wheels, so finding the ideal combination for your essential application is guaranteed.

Sturdy: Gondola shelving is made from heavy-duty steel elements to maximize durability. Since gondola shelving is each durable and sturdy, it is an ideal choice for heavy load-bearing displays. Gondola shelving is an excellent investment. If it is properly cared for, it will wear extremely nicely and last for years to come. Counter top display is an essential element of any retail business. That way people can take a appear at the most current merchandise that you are featuring in your shop.